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dead in a glass case

Welcome to my anti-physical, meta-digital “high class” art gallery.

Rip it all apart. Put it back together.

Small Steps

I am totally relaxed today. I made a painting in prospect park listening to cassette tapes… Anyway, work has taken over lately, and I realized that I haven’t updated anything personal in a while. So here’s an update!

I just moved into a small apartment in “South Slope”. It’s been tricky fixing it up to feel like a home because when I moved in it was painted all brown, and had a bunch of chunky furniture, bad curtains, and an overall feeling of funky town… and I don’t mean “won’t you take me to”.

I’m learning to take things slowly when it comes to fixing the place. One step at a time. It helps to look for the things that I don’t usually notice about my space. Like how someone painted over some star stickers, and I then I hung a door charm right there. Now it’s something small, unique, personal, and that probably only I will appreciate. I love idiosyncrasies.

And what are you up to, readers?

my metamothers day

Dear Mom,

There are so many ways I could choose to say that I love you

But I thought I would say it this way…

Thanks for bringing me into this big messy world!

I really do love you! Big time.

I hope every mom gets the star treatment today.

Brick by Brick

Because of this:

And because of this:

This little guy is something I found on the steps of a building where I used to live. I thought it was so sweet the way its death was so peaceful and special not because it once flew through the air like magic, or because its wings are still shimmering like alabaster. It’s special to me because I found it a year ago and somehow managed to keep it preserved almost perfectly, and now I have the chance to let it go and become a part of some bigger thing. Maybe it could never conceive its future had lived as a fly for 1,000 years. Also maybe it’s trash I found on the ground.

What do you think? Would you want to be a brick in the wall?

I have the pleasure to be a part of this project. More information on this really crazy thing here:

(The Startling Subculture of Criminals, Collectors, and Conservationists)

“I discover that butterflies permeate the culture as metaphors, and I start making lists. In billiards, a butterfly shot drops six balls assembled in a butterfly shape into all six pockets with one stroke of the cue stick. The butterfly effect: a butterfly bats its wings in Asia and influences the weather in America, and thinking of that butterfly influences the development of chaos theory. Of course, butterflies in the stomach. The infamous Palm Beach County, Florida, butterfly ballot, so poorly designed that thousands of confused voters are presumed to have voted for Patrick J. Buchanan instead of Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election, enough to swing the final election results to favor George W. Bush- resulting in the Iraq War. Butterfly chairs, making a comeback as retro-chic. The butterfly bandage. Bow-tie pasta is called farfalle in Itailan, the word for butterfly. The butterfly kiss, eyelash to eyelash. And splitting food: butterflied prawns. Swimming: the butterfly stroke. Making love: the butterfly position.”
– Peter Laufer, PhD.
The Dangerous World of Butterflies

non haiku

the museum is a man on bended knee

and i would let every deciphering eye look down on me

for one kiss on my belly