Small Steps

by Hillary

I am totally relaxed today. I made a painting in prospect park listening to cassette tapes… Anyway, work has taken over lately, and I realized that I haven’t updated anything personal in a while. So here’s an update!

I just moved into a small apartment in “South Slope”. It’s been tricky fixing it up to feel like a home because when I moved in it was painted all brown, and had a bunch of chunky furniture, bad curtains, and an overall feeling of funky town… and I don’t mean “won’t you take me to”.

I’m learning to take things slowly when it comes to fixing the place. One step at a time. It helps to look for the things that I don’t usually notice about my space. Like how someone painted over some star stickers, and I then I hung a door charm right there. Now it’s something small, unique, personal, and that probably only I will appreciate. I love idiosyncrasies.

And what are you up to, readers?