Sleeping Beauty 2011

by Hillary

Sleeping Dog, Gabriel Orozco

Once again, everyone, Sleeping Beauty might appear to be a story of a spoiled princess waiting around for the man of her dreams to magically appear and take her away from loneliness and desperation.

To me it’s a story of human awakening and entropy. The prick of the finger is the spark of maturity. The spinning wheel that sends her into sleep is the great fabled wheel of fate. 100 years of sleep is a journey through the subconscious and meditation. Her awakening represents man kind waking up to reality and love. The classic tale of the hero’s journey in dreams.

There’s a misconception about sleep relating to laziness. “Sleep when you’re dead” is the motto of hard workers around the world. I totally get that, as I look down at the scars on my hands from days of back-breaking labor in metal and carpentry shops. We’re talking about vigilance, here. True masters of craft are hawk-eyed, alert, attentive and detail oriented.

But to deeply understand ourselves and our lives, we need to look at situations from all angles.

“The demand of the work is vigilance, which is not a state of consciousness that stands in simple opposition to sleep… What is the fascination here if not that of witnessing a being entrusting itself to what Maurice Blanchot calls “an act of fidelity and of union with the great natural rhythms, to the laws, to the stability of order”; or a being enfolded back into what the physicist-philosopher David Bohm describes as “an undivided wholeness” reality as an “unknown and undefinable totality of flux that is the ground of all things and the process of thought itself” Vigilance is more the property of the sleeper than the person awake.” – The October Files: Gabriel Orozco

Make time for meditation! Or multitask and do it while you wash the dishes. It’s called Vipissana or mindfulness meditation. That means whatever you are doing, only focus on the one thing you are doing. You can meditate all day long, actually! Who knew???