NANDOS is opening up to you!

by Hillary


“Everything is Here for You”

—Please RSVP for location and to be added to the guest list!—

December 10, 2010

ART 6-9:00 pm

SOUNDS 10:00 pm (watch out for the VOID!)

Admission // $5.00
A group show proposing to shatter the hidden walls that surround you.
To pick at the moral ground you stand on.
To show you exactly what you are made of.
Every molecule in your body will vibrate to the sounds of time and space zipping open to show you a brand new version of yourself.
You’ll wear the rings of Saturn around your little finger.

“Begin again assuming abundance, unemployment, a field situation, multiplicity, unpredictability, immediacy, the possibility of participation.”
-John Cage

Come explore multiple installations in this enormous warehouse loft. A wide range of seriousness and quality, zooming across the spectrum of emotion.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Presenting Artists %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Hillary Livingston

Brittany Bartley

Kurt McRobert

David Garcia

Miguela Holy y Roybal


Raul Enriquez

Live sound sculpture by NONHORSE


Moments happen in infinities, so I promise more of everything.