Heavy Words

by Hillary


I sat at a chilly outdoor cafe this morning, sipping a warm, sugary espresso and just reading. I wish there was a picture of the classic bed-head hair.

“October Files” is a bunch of art criticism essays about Gabriel Orozco, a Mexican/American artist with a show up right now in Centre Pompidou… a really cool contemporary art museum in Paris. All translated from French to English for the first time. Compare this to slicing a baguette with a plastic butter knife. His sculpture is earthy and makes me puzzle over our impermanence in this world. The work itself is raw and anti-cultural. Well, that’s modern art for you.

Centre Pompidou

“Qui suis-je ?” … Who am I? The other thing I’m reading is “Nadja” by Andre Breton, the Surrealist Manifesto guy. It takes place in Paris. It’s a novel about his real-life 10 day encounter with a woman, Nadja, who basically blows his mind from here to Pluto. She is at once hope incarnate and no one special. I already know what happens at the end. I’ll tell you. :::::Spoiler Alert::::: She turns out to be a lunatic, sent to the crazy-house and he sails on keeping weirdness alive and slashing holes in the fabric of time and space…with his friends! Yeah!!! Good love story. Thanks for the recommendation, Thomas!

He's lookin' at you

What are you reading?