Welcome to my life

by Hillary

Surprise! I jumped a one-way flight to Europe to visit people, make art, and to see what all this is about. My trip has been like a little death. I had to leave my favorite people behind. I stepped through a threshold and woke up in a totally new and beautiful place where everything I see is for the first time. In heaven? Maybe, but I suppose to you, I’m in a void. Meeting mysterious characters and stumbling upon spectacular views is enchanting to say the least.

Still, I’m drawing the same homespun stuff. I don’t know about you, but I am bombarded daily with images, ads blaring in my face like a constant stream that won’t shut up. We walk into the grocery store and we have to choose between 50 different shampoos at different prices and qualities and don’t we just only want the thing that will clean our hair good? I long for simplicity…

This is a 1960’s psychedelic light show set to a song on the radio, or, one of the things I do when I’m alone in Paris… Listen.

People are constantly seeking to capture perfection in all its manifestations. I say, what about the disappointments? I feel like a majority of our lives is trial and error. Being let down is such an eternal part of human existence. How rarely do we capture the mastery? This conversation cannot end. I’m asking you! What is good art? What is bad art?