by Hillary

Hello sweet world,

I’m back. I’ve been busy helping Jason Gandy with his solo art show in Philadelphia. The opening was a success! So thankful for this experience.

Finally, the art is on the walls:

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“For Live!infili!, Jason Gandy has installed a new grouping of sculptures created out of
wood, leather and porcelain. Each piece conceals an aperture: a porthole in the
side of a finely crafted miniature ship or a peephole through a wooden skull. The
vessels are compelling, however the true beauty of this work is in the vast,
reality-defying, inner-worlds. Gandy creates mesmerizing scenes exuding wonder,
mystery and surprise. Using a variety of energy sources, including solar, balance,
wind and live performers, Gandy generates subtle movements within his vignettes.
In many pieces, it is the viewer during the act of viewing, which tips the balance and
prompts the motion within a piece. Using different methods of perspective altering
illusions, and varying mechanics, he keeps the viewer off-balance and involved.  It is
this live aspect of the work, which creates a visceral bond between the sculpture
and those experiencing it, engaging the viewer through wonder and a desire to
understand without ever revealing the true constructs of his artwork.”

Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art is at 173 Girard in Philadelphia, PA 19123