Happy heart homework

by Hillary

They say that when you do breathing exercises, “In with the good, out with the bad.” But why not think of it the other way?

Take three deep breaths. In and out three times. As you do it, think of something that is stressing you out, bothering, or perhaps distracting you in a negative way. Breathe in and accept what is happening to you, don’t push it away. Breathe out and release warmth and tenderness for yourself, or someone you care about and feel what happens in your heart.

I hope you participate in this, please just do it somewhere peaceful and quiet. In front of your computer is okay, but try to get rid of all distraction.

I did a little bit more of an intense exercise with this, but it’s an example of what it takes to make a commitment to something and go forward with it no matter how hard it could potentially be. By the way, this only took me 10 minutes to blow up, it may seem like it took longer. It was so rewarding. Though my roommate, Trish, walked in on me acting like a silly girl standing on a chair filming herself blow up a plastic heart. You’ll see.

I think sometimes we forget to see two sides of an issue. Are we quick to write off an event as ultimately great or tragic, cool or uncool, fortunate or unfortunate? Often, we can’t see what is good or bad, but it’s something we can feel. What looks like an empty, deflated heart on the ground has big time potential to be filled with the breath of love and compassion. Life is constantly shifting, and if we accept what is before our eyes, we can start to see the way our thoughts become material.

Whoever you are, I am wishing you much joy on your journey to knowing the difference between fantasy and reality.