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by Hillary

This is a response to some comments left on my Facebook wall about my previous post.

Evan – You are right. People in the U.S. are no strangers to suffering. I might argue that the real issue here is that we’ve brutally injured the earth at our very own gulf coast via carelessness, apathy, intolerance, and vast consumerism. Many industrial workers are stuck there, as union members with no other option but to remain in that wasteland, while everyone else simply moves away. The ecological, economical, and sociological damage from Katrina AND the oil spill can’t be quantified yet and we may not know for many, many years.

Michael – Yes. These people are marooned right now and I had no idea that Pakistan has more people than the U.S. It’s no surprise that it is a poverty-stricken country. There are 600,000 people in need. Thank you for providing some facts.

And let’s not let the media carry us from one disaster to the next. There are many victims from mudslides in China, earthquakes in Haiti, and I’m sure I’ve missed more events because I don’t read the news all that often.  The reason why I don’t read the news is because it is disappointing. I never pick up a newspaper and say, “Hey, it’s my lucky day!” I tend to carry these things with me in conversation and in my mood and that just makes my day go from / to \.

On my way to the Peabody Museum in New Haven, CT today, I got kind of lost walking around and had to call a cab. As I waited, I noticed a bunch of wild flowers growing around a post on the corner. There were several bees going about their business, from one flower to the next. The whole thing was very pretty, actually. Anyway, they did their little communicative tap dance for me. They told me to do a tap dance on my keyboard and send a message to you through the computer screen. This is it:

For a long time yet, there will still be things not to like in time and space… animal testing, war, discrimination, hatred, and natural disaster to name a few. But you realize, don’t you, that only while you’re there, can you do anything about them?

Oh yeah.

We can only watch.

Do something positive today, no matter how minimal. If it makes you feel good, it counts.