Friday Afternoon

by Hillary

It’s Friday afternoon and 84 degrees in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

I’d like to share a new project that began about two weeks ago. It’s an ongoing live painting. A project in collaboration with a New York City experimental band, Globular Cluster. The idea is that there will be live painting at each show, on the same canvas. It’s my goal to create stratum, for the purpose of recording the moments and making a sort of calendar of performances. This is the first layer:

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

This was created with the help of a few audience members who had the gumption to pick up a brush and paint with me. It was a structured improvisation, and I was surprised at how the workflow streamed perfectly along with the entire set. As they warmed up, I taped off a pinwheel design. As they played, a few audience members and I filled in the colors. As the music made its way to climax toward the end of the set, we splashed red accents in a passionate fury. Then as the band played its final lasting note, we peeled the tape off of the canvas, revealing what you see in the above photograph. I’m looking forward to adding more elements at the next show.

Today, I’m crafting unique business cards. A project that I’ve been putting off for far too long.

birds and bees

Would you like one?